Investing in the
future of biotech

Science at our core.

We provide early-stage smart capital to entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries at the forefront of medicine, biotech and bioengineering.

We are supported by a network of engaged, deeply knowledgeable scientists at world-leading research institutions working at the top of their fields across biology and medicine.

Our thesis.
Scientific Risk-Arbitrage

At Tachyon, we know how to price scientific risk earlier than others.

We maximize upside potential by investing early in disruptive platforms. We mitigate risk by focusing on world-class research with protected IP.

Meet our team

Our focus.


We focus on identifying good science early, and on assessing its potential at different stages of development.


We are committed to supporting scientific teams pursuing ambitious goals and transformative technologies at the forefront of medicine, biotech and bioengineering.


We back teams with world-leading published research, who are recognized as leaders in their fields and are at the forefront of their research areas.


We invest in companies with protected IP, developed by or in collaboration with their scientific co-founders.

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