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Tachyon Capital is a research financing and science venture capital fund based in Los Angeles, California.


Our Philosophy


Investing in Fundamental Science

Tachyon Capital backs bold scientist and entrepreneurs who move fast, think big, and are committed to building disruptive and transformative technologies by applying and pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge fundamental science.

We are long term investors and business operators focused on unlocking value through engagement and active ownership. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with scientist and entrepreneurs to enable, amplify and maximize the value they create through their research and its commercial applications.

We don’t shy away from lack of liquidity or investment infrastructure. We believe science is an underpriced and underutilized resource, and as such, an attractive investment asset class.



Bringing Smart Capital to Science

Our mission is to leverage smart capital and scientific research for the creation of a better, more fun and enjoyable future.

Tachyon stand behind the innovators, the dreamers, the ones crazy enough to potentially change the world. If you are one of us, get in touch.



Areas of focus

At Tachyon we invest in fundamental science and the potential breakthrough technologies that derive from it.

  • Quantum Physics

  • Neuroscience and AI

  • Climate Change and

Quantum physics

Quantum computing, quantum robotics, quantum communication, teleportation.


neuroscience and AI

Machine-man interactions, simulations, high-performance training, education.


climate change

Water, agriculture, oceanography, atmospheric sciences.


Investment Products and vehicles

Research Finance and Science Venture

Tachyon takes the following approaches to investment:


science securitization PROJECT

We are  working with scientists, investors and policy makers to develop the financial infrastructure required for science investments. Our goal is to create mechanisms to price externalities, provide transparency to avoid speculators, and enable securitization to allow for liquidity in the market.



We believe negative and positive externalities are mispriced assets. We invest in undervalued positive externalities, and in overvalued negative externalities. In both cases, we look for opportunities where the underlying science has the power to transform their value.



We leverage available public data on science to understand trends, and streamline the sourcing, selection and execution on opportunities.


Funding Science

The Podcast

At Tachyon Capital we believe a shared good will bring us higher value. Follow our blog and podcast as we build the future.

Funding Science is a podcast about our journey at Tachyon Capital to find new ways to fund science projects and turn them into transformative technologies. 


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