Our Team




Partner, Managing Director

Dr Cristina Escoda has been an investor and advisor to early-stage “deep science” ventures for over 10 years. Alongside being the managing director of Tachyon Ventures, Cristina also advises university spin-outs in quantum technology through Quantum Labs Ltd., and is co-founder of Knowledgr Inc., an initiative to bring blockchain to open-science.

Cristina started her career as a financial derivatives structurer for HSBC LatAm in NYC, and later joined the rotational associate program at D.E. Shaw & Co. - the multinational investment management firm founded in 1988 by David E. Shaw in NYC, with currently $50 billion under management. There she worked on a variety of initiatives, including new business ideation, emerging markets analysis, quant algorithm development and non-traditional asset class products.

Cristina has worked in portfolio management and in product development in the fin-tech, AI and blockchain sectors. She holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics and an MASt in Mathematics from Cambridge University (UK) and an MBA from NYU Stern.




Partner, Scientific Director

Dr Ernest Turro is a biostatistician with 15 years of experience in genetics, molecular diagnostics and genomics research. Ernest has authored more than 45 peer-reviewed articles, with published work as senior author in Science, Blood and the American Journal of Human Genetics, amongst others. 

Ernest is currently a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Haematology and a Visitor in the MRC Biostatistics Unit at the University of Cambridge (UK). His work focuses primarily on the development and application of statistical methods for interpreting genomic and phenotypic data, with an interest in genome function and rare inherited disorders.

Ernest is the lead statistician of the NIHR-funded precursor to the 100,000 Genomes Project, and he supervised the bioinformatics and statistical genetics behind one of the project’s counterpart diagnostics platforms. He also developed the first statistical methods for modeling haplotype and isoform specific expression using RNA sequencing data, and has collaborated with research groups on their application to diverse biological questions.

He holds a PhD in biostatistics and a MSc in Computing Science, both from Imperial College London, and a BSc in Economics & Politics from the University of Bristol.





CFA charterholder

Committee Member

Josep Turro-Bassols is CEO of IAD España and co-founder of Barcino Socimi, a REIT fund focused on Barcelona real-estate that IPO’d in 2017 with currently more than 35M Euros of AUM.

Josep brings to Tachyon more than 17 years of experience in private equity, leverage finance, M&A and fund management. Josep spent the majority of his career in London, where he worked at Deutsche Bank, IK Investment Partners, GMT Comm. Partners, Ironshield Capital, Societe Generale, and Chalkhill Partners on the sell-side.

Josep holds a MSc Econ/Phil from the London School of Economics, and a BA in Mathematics & Philosophy from Oxford University.



Observer Member

Remi is an investor with more than 17 years in Private Equity and M&A.

Remi joined IK Investment Partners in 2001, where he is currently a Partner. Before IK he worked at Morgan Stanley and Paribas. He graduated in 1999 from HEC Paris majoring in Finance.